Friday, October 2, 2020

GRAMMY VOTING - September 30 - October 12

For Your Grammy Consideration

"Alternative Facts," from the Navona album 
"Through Glass"
for solo piano
performed by Gloria Cheng

This composition is submitted in the following categories:


"Could not be timelier and more brilliantly performed.
Unremittingly edgy, American composer Bruce Babcock's
"Alternative Facts" captures, through pianistic devices of 
virtuosic clarity and torturous rhythmic schizophrenia, American angst since Donald Trump's surprising ascension to the 
presidency in 2016. Performed by Gloria Cheng, Babcock captures the nerve-shredding yin and yang of a democracy on the edge."

Daniel Kepl / Performing Arts Review

"I loved the piece when I first heard it, and I love the piece with the fabulous video. Just perfect, all around." Alex Shapiro, composer, Symphonic & Concert writer member on the Board of Directors of ASCAP


"Great Piece! Great Performance! Riveting video! Congratulations! Really special!" Mike Lang, jazz pianist and composer and legendary Hollywood session musician


"Very nice combo or off-kilter rhythms and imaginative polytonality." Todd Mason, Juilliard grad, Los Angeles-based composer


"Stunning performance of a gripping piece." Paul Gibson, Los Angeles-based composer


"Seriously, inventive, inspiring composition, 

and Gloria played the hell out of it." 

Bruce Miller, veteran Hollywood 

composer & arranger                       

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